Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Currently {April}

Reading.... I just started the book my bookclub at school picked, The Lake House by Kate Morton.  I'm not too far into it as of yet.  But I have a feeling I'm going to really enjoy it.  So far I'm 12 books into my reading challenge on Goodreads.  Not too bad for it being April.  I'm pretty positive I will surpass my goal for the year AND reach, if not surpass my 100 book reading goal for my 28th year.

Feeling.... a little bit anxious.  Jenny and I had a conversation on our way to Waco about me living by myself and it really got me thinking about this next stage of life.  I am so excited to live alone but at the same time I'm worried that I'll get TOO comfortable being alone all the time.  I'm gonna have to make a very conscious effort to get out of the house and actually do things and not just sit on my couch and watch Bravo all weekend.  Which lets be real, will happen fairly frequently.  So yeah.

Drinking.... water water water!

Watching.... The Real Housewives of Dallas.  I'm still not sure how I feel about it yet.  I Brandi and Stephanie annoying, but still watchable.  Leanne wants so badly to be in Dallas society but she somehow falls short, even though she's a big name in the Dallas charity world.  But how in the world do you make any money just working for charities?  Plus I don't feel like these women are anywhere rich enough for the Housewives franchise.  I know that sounds weird but when you compare them to say New York or Beverly Hills none of them are any where near as glamorous as them.  But I'll keep watching if only because their drama is so eye rolling and I can't stay away.      

Loving.... the ladder I picked up at Harp Design Co. when Jenny and I went to Waco last Thursday.  It is going to look perfect in the new apartment.  I just have to decided where I want it to go!

Wishing.... It was summer time.  That unexpected week off was VERY nice and made me wish that we always had a second break in the Spring.  But at the same time it was kinda a tease since we are so close to summer vacation.

Thinking about.... Our DC hotel! We will be staying at The Virginian Suites in Arlington.  It is directly across the street from Arlington National Cemetery and is very close to all the other major attractions in the city right across from the Potomac River.  BAH! Just typing out those words makes me that much more exited about our trip.

Looking forward too.... MAY! A trip to Florida is coming up and so is the end of the school year!  26 school days to be exact!

Wanting.... all the makeup!!  I have been obsessed with watching makeup tutorials lately and all I want are new makeup brushes, new foundation, new setting powder, new I said... ALL THE MAKEUP!!!

Needing.... to learn to contour.  No seriously I NEED contouring in my life y'all.  I figured this out after going through the color wall pictures.  In the ones where I'm not looking directly at the camera I literally have no jaw line.  It looks like my neck and cheeks just blend in together:

See?!  Blegh.  So yes, contouring needs to come into my life like woah.  And so far my favorite tutorial comes from Meg O. on the Go!  She has the easiest way of explaining how to contour and is hilarious in all her tutorial videos.  So if you too are trying to up your makeup game go check out her videos.  They're the bomb.


Can y'all believe April is almost over?!  Where oh where is time going.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Exploring Houston: Sugar & Cloth Color Wall

A few weeks ago I was browsing Instagram when I spotted several of my fellow Houston bloggers all posting from the same place.  They were posting from a gorgeous wall of color, right here in Houston.  My first thought was: "WHAT! I've never seen that wall.  How in the world did Ashley and I miss that on our mural day back in March."  My second though was, "I NEED TO GO THERE!"  They all had tagged the following hashtag: #sugarandclothcolorwall.  

I clicked the hashtag and it took me a ton of other pictures in front of the wall and eventually to the Sugar & Cloth Instagram page! If you haven't seen it, they basically have one of the prettiest and most colorful Instagram pages ever.   I originally met Ashley from Sugar & Cloth at the Thrive Blog Con.  She talked to us about increasing our social media presence and was an absolute doll and so knowledgeable.  

She's also just about the best DIY-er I've come across.  So when I heard that her business was the sponsor of the wall I knew it was gonna be good.  

So obviously, Ashley from The Wandering Weekenders (aka my blogging buddy and Houston explorer partner in crime) and I had to check it out.  

The wall is located at 3302 Canal Street, Houston TX 77003.  It's on the wall of the building that is going to be the future home of a company called, Headquarters.  

There is plenty of parking directly in front of the wall and the is a ton of space to allow for plenty of people to share the space without getting in each others way.   There were a few other people already at the wall by the time that we got there (around 10:20 in the AM).  But we all worked around each other and it worked perfectly.

We saw some fashion photography going on, a couple shoot, a few girls were taking graduation photos, and a family shoot.  The wall has only officially been open since April 4th and I would say that it it already one of (if not THE) most popular wall in the well done Sugar and Cloth! :)

Ashley and I took turns taking some photos in different parts of the wall.  And we used her tripod to catch some photos of us together.  We both wore neutral colors because we felt those would stand out the best with such bright colors as our backgrounds.

 I can't decide which color combos I like the most!  They all go together so well! are a handful of the pictures we snapped!

We were able to snag the wall all to ourselves for about 5 minutes.  Which was awesome because we were able to get more of the wall in our pictures by going across the street!  

I had to include that last picture, because we tried to get a jumping picture together but failed so epically it was hilarious.  We got some pretty funny stares from the other people at the wall, but hey that's what the wall is for right! :)

If you live in Houston or are planning to visit I 100% suggest you make a stop at the Sugar & Cloth Color Wall.  You will have so much fun posing in front of the wall (bring some props if you want!) and will come away with some really fun and colorful pictures!

Just as a reminder you can find the wall at: 3302 Canal Street, Houston TX 77003.  

Oh and don't forget to pin that top image so you can save the post for when you decide to take a trip to the wall! :)

Now go be COLORFUL friends! :)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Oh Hey Friday!

Well I've officially had the entire week off from school.  In case you haven't heard, Houston got some really severe weather starting Sunday night and continuing pretty much all day Monday.  We got so much rain that basically the entire city flooded.  Now thankfully the area that I live in didn't flood at all, but the older areas of where I live did flood really bad.  They flooded so bad that the some faculty and students weren't able to make it to school safely.  SO the district ended up cancelling school for the entire week.  Basically I had a second Spring Break.  Unfortunately this also means that we may have to go to school a few extra days in June.

Anywho, when you unexpectedly have a whole extra 5 days off you go a little stir crazy, especially when many areas of your city are un-drivable so you are basically stuck at home.  So for this Oh Hey Friday, I'm going to share 5 things I did to keep from going crazy on these extra days off.

[one] Watched the entire first season of Outlander!  I have Comcast and this week is their Watchathon event.  Meaning we have access to all of their movie channels On Demand options.  SO I spent most of my first two days off watching Outlander.  I haven't read the books (well I've read part of the first one) but the show is VERY well done and makes me want to go to Scotland like yesterday.  
[two] Lots and lots of coloring has been happening.  I have 3 adult coloring books and while watching Outlander I decided it would be a  good time to get out some of my creativeness via coloring pretty pages.
[three] I finally finished the 4th book in the Throne of Glass series (you can expect a review of my April reads next week!) and now I'm going to be impatiently waiting for the 5th one.  My next read is one my cheesy historical romance novels, and then I plan to read Me Before You.  I bought it at Target like 2 months ago and have heard great things, plus I wanna watch the movie so obviously I have to read the book first. 
[four] Did some planning for Washington DC!!!!  My family has officially purchased our plane tickets.  We got an amazing deal on the flights.  We spent $219 for round trip flight from Houston to DC.  I'm still searching for a hotel.  But I've got a pretty good idea on what we'll be doing each day.  BAH!! Come on June 29th!!
[five] Went to Magnolia Market at the Silos!!!  Ok so Jenny and I have been watching Fixer Upper pretty much all week.  And when we found out on Wednesday that school was officially cancelled for the rest of the week, we decided we needed to get out of the city.  First we thought about driving home to El Paso, but then Jen remembered she was gonna dog sit for a friend.  So then I looked at her and said....lets go to Waco.  And she agreed and so yesterday we got ready, jumped the car and drove the hour and 45 minutes to Waco.  
We had lunch at In&Out Burger and then made our way to Magnolia Market.  It was a home decor dream world.  Seriously I could have left with about 5.000 things but only left with a few.  Now I have a whole post planned for this amazingness so I'm just gonna share the pictures I shared on Facebook.  But come back next week to read more about our impromptu little getaway that was much needed and SO FUN!
Well my week was very unexpected and my heart hurts for all the families who were impacted by all the flooding.  I can't help but be thankful though that we were ok through it all.  
It's bright and sunny and gorgeous outside right now and is supposed to be the rest of the weekend.  So hopefully that will dry everything out over the next three days.  
I have some fun things planned for this weekend, including a trip to the new Sugar & Cloth Color Wall, that I first mentions here.  I'll be heading there for a little photo shoot with my blogging buddy Ashley from The Wandering Weekenders.  We are so excited! :)
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Apartment Style: Living Room Decor

Apartment Style

As most of you know at the end of this summer I will be moving into my very own apartment.  I officially decided it was time for this major change around Christmas time and I figured it would be easier to start buying furniture and stuff over the course of the next few months.  I didn't want to pay all the move in fees AND have to furnish and entire apartment.  My wallet would not have been able to handle that.

I've slowly but surely found all the bigger items I need to fill up my living room.  The only thing I'm missing now is an entertainment center for my TV and movies and things.  I have my eye on few options over at Home Goods but will be waiting until it's a little closer to my move in date to actually purchase anything.

Anyway I figured I would show off what I've bought so far!  I think everything will come together very nicely.  Again these are the larger pieces I've picked out, excluding the couch since it hasn't been refurbished yet.  But you can read all about that exciting project here.

Alrighty here is a breakdown of my future living room:

Painting- My pride and joy!!  I was walking through Hobby Lobby when I saw this gorgeous piece.  It was love at first sight and immediately came home with me.  This is definitely going to be the staple piece in the living room.  Here's a better picture of it:

Coffee Table - Is from Ikea and is not something I ever thought I would look at.  But I originally saw it on one of my favorite bloggers blog, Lauren from Lauren Elizabeth.  I love the way she had it styled and knew I wanted to have it in my apartment!  

Lamps - These were actually the first things I bought!  I found them a Marshall's and knew they were perfect.  You can't tell but they have this silver tinge to them with a light silver lamp shade.  

Rug -Ok I haven't actually purchased this yet.  But I know I'm going to buy it, so I figured I throw it on the collage.  Plus I needed to fill a blank spot.  But I love this too.  The gray in the rug is going to go great with the gray chairs and gray-silver speckles in the couch fabric. 

Chairs- My second pride and joy.  These babies were also found in Marshall's and again, love at first sight.  My roommate found them and knew I would adore them.  They were a little pricey but 100% worth it.  I'm keeping them in our guest bedroom right now will occasionally go in there and look at them.

Bookshelf- Since I went for a more contemporary look with the coffee table, I decided I needed another piece to help tie them together.  Then I saw an IKEA hack pin on Pinterest with this bookshelf painted gold and I new I needed to recreate it.  So once I have built the bookshelf I believe I will be painting it gold!  That's the plan for now at least.  But I'll officially make that decision once it's built and in the apartment with everything else.


Well there ya have it.  Seeing all the pieces together like this makes me even more excited for this move.  I can't wait to fill the shelves and walls with accent pieces that will really make the place feel complete!

So what do y'all think?!

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Weekend and an Unexpected Day Off

Originally I did not in fact have a post planned for today.  I was super lazy yesterday and just did not feel like sitting down at my computer and typing out the very boring post that would describe my weekend.  Because if I'm honest it was not exciting in the least.

Then at around 4:30am I woke up to some VERY loud rain, thunder and lightening.  I mean the thunder was ROCKING the house.  A few minutes later I got the word that school was officially cancelled because of the storm.  And y'all it's still raining and supposed to rain all day and into the night.

Thus the reason for the late morning post.

So even though it was a very low key weekend, I thought, what the hell.

Here were the highlights:

- Friday night I attended a Thirty-One party hosted by a friend of mine.  It was a sip and shop party. So we sipped on some wine ( I mostly drank sweet tea) and shopped some of the products.  I had never really been interested in Thirty-One, but after the party I'm a huge fan.  I had my eye on a few products but I got suckered into hosting a party of my own.  So I only ended up buying a travel jewelry case.  Which I'm really excited about.  I'll be hosting my own party in May.

- Saturday morning was spent enjoying coffee and a book.

-Saturday afternoon was a day spent out and about.

- Lunch at Chuy's - where I some very tasty enchiladas.

- A little shopping at J-Crew and Sephora.  Right now the J-Crew Factory has a great deal on their Chino shorts.  They're half off which makes them about $16.00 a piece.  They are my favorite shorts.  They're just the right length (I get the 5" ones) and super comfy.  I took a pair to Europe with me and loved them.  So I bought a navy pair and a turquoise-y colored pair.

- Sunday was 100% lazy.  I did a bit of reading, a bit of napping, and a lot of TV watching, and of course the obligatory Target trip.

Over all a very laid back and enjoyable weekend.  And now I'm off to binge watch Outlander and work on some blog posts for the rest of the week!  I am thankful that we don't live in an area that floods really bad.  There are several areas of the city that are flooded really bad.

Prayers for the rest of the city are definitely needed!

Happy Monday friends!  Linking up with Biana.