Monday, July 6, 2015

The Weekend [the reunion]

Happy Monday friends!

I hope each of you had a fantastic weekend.  Mine was simply the best because on of my best friends from Disney came down to visit for the weekend.

And here were the highlights:

-Friday we went shopping. Target and the outlet mall specifically.  She tried Whataburger for the first time, which if you're a Texan you know all about it's deliciousness.  If not, come to Texas and try it.  It's amazing.

-Laid around like we're roommate again and watched TV and relaxed.

- Saturday we went to a brewery, Buffalo Bayou Brewery to be exact.  This was my first time at a brewery and I really had no idea what to expect.  But I wasn't impressed.  In large part due to the fact that I'm not a beer fan. Oops. Guess a brewery isn't the best place to go if you don't like beer but we met some other Florida friends there and had a good time chit chatting and stuff.

- Watched The Best of Me on Netflix, another Nicolas Sparks book turned movie.  I enjoyed it.  Be prepared to cry a thousands tears.

-Had a ton of conversations about her upcoming October wedding and my upcoming trip to Europe. I think those two topics dominated our conversations.

-Had lunch at Torchy's Tacos.  Another yummy Texas restaurant.  I mean look at all that goodness.

- Went to the movies and saw Inside Out.  If you haven't seen this movie yet, stop what you're doing and go see it.  It is amazing. Pixar is absolutely brilliant.  [I may even dedicate a whole post to a movie review because it was that good.]

-Went to Menchies again, Jordan came with. That means I went to Menchies 3 days in a row.  #sorryimnotsorry

-Finally all of our final travel documents and the final itinerary came in the mail on Friday.  BAH!  It's so close y'all SO CLOSE!! :)

Jordan and I had a blast this weekend.  It was very laid back and easy, just what we both wanted.  I couldn't have asked for a better time with her.  The next time I see her she'll be marrying the love of her life! :)  Cannot wait!

Have a fantastic Monday!

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Oh Hey/Confessional Friday [Vol. 2]

Happy Friday Friends!

I cannot believe that we are already into July.  Not that I'm complaining at all because July means that it's officially EUROPE MONTH!!   AH! So excited.  The next twoish weeks will be spent doing last minute things for the trip.  Deciding what to pack, getting the necessary toiletries ready, getting all my important documents together, and getting 10 times more excited than I already am for the trip!  BAH! So exciting.  

Alrighty, it's Friday so that means it's time to share my 5 things from the week.  I"m gonna follow the same format I did last week because well....I can.

[one] I confess that I don't hate driving for 10 hours by myself as much I thought I did.  On Tuesday, I drove back to Houston, leaving my precious fur babies behind.  It was a much quieter drive then the drive a few weeks ago.  But I had my trusty audiobook (currently reading Big Little Lies by Liana Moriarty) and the drive flew by.  

[two] I confess that I still can't believe we hit the month of July this week.  To celebrate we bought our tickets to the London Eye.  The last time I rode the Eye, we had literally just gotten into London after our overnight flight and everyone was exhausted. Some people even fell asleep.  Not me of course but I'm still hoping I'm much more bright eyed this time around!
This was my #tbt yesterday on Instagram.  I am 16 in this picture, have much longer hair and am way skinnier.  But I'm excited to recreate a picture like this in 15 days! :)


[three] I confess I had frozen yogurt 2 days in a row, both on Wednesday and Thursday.  I got the exact same thing both days and I'm just not sorry about it.  

[four] I confess I am not much of a dog person and this happened the other night and I loved every minute of it.  Don't get me wrong I like dogs.  But I prefer you know one or two not four.  We are currently dog sitting for a friend and I was home alone the other night and so all four dogs took it upon themselves to come and snuggle with me.  It was glorious.
[five] I confess I bought some new clothes for Europe.  I finally bought a maxi dress that I don't hate from Banana Republic.  I am so excited to wear it.  It's adorable.  I also bought the cutest pair of shorts from JCrew that I cannot wait to wear in Europe. (I couldn't find a picture of the maxi dress womp womp)

Pretty good week!

Have a great 4th of July weekend!  Eat lots of BBQ, watch some fireworks, and celebrate AMERICA!!!

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Oh Baby, Baby

Two weeks ago I spent an entire week with my best friend Ashley and her new baby Lacey.  I wasn't sure what to expect since I was so used to it just being the two of us when I came to visit BB (before baby.)  But it was absolutely wonderful.  Obviously things were different, but it was a good kind of different.  Lacey made things so much more fun (you know when she wasn't crying. lol)  The best part was watching Ashley fill her new title of "Mommy."   

When I first got there we were just hanging out eating lunch and Ashley said to me..."Oh you should write a blog post all about what it's like being around a baby."  So I'm doing just that.  Taking all the things I observed and learned and writing them down.  You know, so I can  come back to them later when it's officially my turn.

So here we have :

8 Things About Babies from Someone Who's Not Even Close to Having One Herself

1. Babies are EXPENSIVE:  This one is no surprise.  And from what Ashley tells me just the actual business of having the baby is expensive.  And you're responsible for that little bundle for the next 18 years. Yikes. Gives you a new appreciation for your own parents.

2. Babies are kinda gross.  Ok really gross.  Ashley shared me with me all the gross stuff that comes out of Lacey...including yellow poop and the fact that her neck smells.  Now I didn't get to smell this phenomenon myself.  But according to Ashley because she drools little (actually she blows bubbles and its adorable) the drool drips into her neck and since she can't hold her neck up it like just kinda sits there and...stews.  But she sometimes you get a whiff of it and it's not pleasant. 

3. Babies are picky.  Lacey (and most babies I'm guessing) likes to be held in a certain way.  And if you're not holding her they way she wants to be held boy will she let you know about it.  She prefers to be held standing up (as in you're standing) facing outward.  And if you're not standing and moving at the sometime, Little Miss is just not happy.  

4. Babies like music.  I found this super interesting.  If we had Lacey in her swinging chair and she was kinda of fussy or if we were in the car and she was fussy all Ashley had to do was turn on One Directions Steal My Girl and Lacey was a happy girl.  She's obviously going to love boy bands.

5. Going anywhere with a baby is a big production.  You have to remember to bring so many things.  Diapers, burp cloths, whips, a toy, an extra outfit (for massive poop blowouts), pacifier.  And that's not including remember your own stuff and getting the car seat into and out of the car.  

6. Little comments that come out of Mom are the funniest.  Ashley would say little things to Lacey that made me crack up.  The one that sticks out the most though was when were were at the pediatricians office and Lacey started to get a little fussy and Ashley started to whisper to her, "Don't be that baby.  Don't be that baby.  Please don't be that baby."  hilarious.

7. Baby clothes are the best.  The amount of clothes Lacey has is crazy.  And she's only 3 months old.  but boy are her outfits adorable.  No matter what Ashley put her in she looked like a doll.  Especially when her outfit was paired with an adorable bow.  

8. Babies and Mommies have the best relationship in the whole world.  This is probably the best thing about being a mommy.  It was so fun to watch Ashley just be a mom to Lacey.  Just the way she watches Lacey and the way Lacey watches her will make you a little teary.  Sometimes all it would take is Lacey getting into Ashley's arms for her to stop being fussy.  It was such a wonder to see.  I think this is what I'm most looking forward to when it's my turn.

Spending a few days with my best friend will never be the same again.  We will always have a little person with us from here on out.  Well unless we leave said little person with Dad and have a girls day, which we did! It was definitely different but a good kind of different.   And I have to say, I am so glad that Ashely is experiencing all this first so that way when it's my turn there are zero surprises! 

We took Lacey to Barnes and Noble for the very first time and while we were there I snapped some pictures of her and Ashley.  She was such a trooper and did absolutely amazing as we browsed for books. I didn't get a smile out of her but I got some pretty good facial expressions from her.  She clearly loved B&N just as much as her mommy and I do.  

Having a baby is hard.  Real hard. I saw that first hand.  And while I am excited to have a few of my own, hanging with Lacey and Ashley made me realize that maybe I'm not quite as ready as my ovaries tell me I am whenever I see a cute baby.  But having a baby is definitely in my future.  Just not yet! :)

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Weekend

Happy Monday friends!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  I will be heading back to Houston tomorrow, which I'm excited for.  Although as I've already mentioned I will be missing my two fur babies lots.  So today I plan to soak up as much lovin from them as possible! :)

Ok! now on to the highlights from my weekend!

-Friday, went to lunch with my bestie and her hubby at a restaurant that is considered an El Paso tradition. It's called Chicos Tacos.  I used to hate it, but it's one of those places that grows on you.

-Took one last picture with my long hair and Ashley's sunglasses.  Um...I'm OBSESSED with these. I need them in my life.  They're Coach sunglasses but I will def be on the look out for a similar pair to take with me to Europe.  I adore them.

-After 8 months ( yes 8!)  I finally went and got a much needed cut and color. Ashley and I went together and had a little salon day! 

-Got 5 1/2 inches cut off!! (Had to take another picture with Ashley's sunglasses.  I'm telling you I love them. She's lucky I didn't steal them from her before I left! lol :)  Just kidding Ash! Kinda.

-Before heading to the salon Ashley and I stopped at this super cute little cafe called Becks.  We grabbed a smores flavored coffee.  It was absolutely delightful complete with a toasted marshmallow and graham cracker crumbles.  This was one of the set ups on one of their tables.  So cute.

-Went to lunch at a super yummy Mexican food restaurant.  I'm so glad to have gotten to spend a little more time with Ashley.  She's one of my favorites! :)

-Saturday night a family friend was competing in the Miss El Paso Teen Texas pageant so my mom and I went to cheer her on.  It was her first time competing in a pageant and she made it all the way to the TOP 5!!! We were all so proud of her, especially because she actually fell on stage during the evening gown part of the competition and still made the top 5.  She gave the best interview answer and ended up getting 4th place.  She did fantastic though and look gorgeous!

-Before the pageant we went to a fun little place for drinks, appetizers, and sushi.

- Sunday was spent relaxing and just enjoying being at home. My mom made crab cakes for dinner and we ate as a family.

-Finally enjoyed some good nights sleep this weekend.  It really cooled down in West Texas this weekend and so that means the house was the perfect temperature for sleeping! :)

- Got some good practice in with my Canon DSLR.  I'm taking the camera to our family reunion in Dallas next week so that will help.  But I'm finally getting the hang of the camera and working in Manuel mode!  Meaning you will be seeing some ROCKIN picture of Europe come August! :)

- Brady was an absolute delight and an absolute terror this weekend .  He is such a little boy and is into everything.  But as you can see from the picture below he's loving every minute of it.  He's getting so big!  I just know he's gonna look like a grownup when I see him in August.

Overall great weekend!  My hair feels SO MUCH better of the much needed cut.  Now it's all set and ready for Europe in 18 days! It seriously feels like just yesterday I was just telling y'all that I had decided to go.  And now it's almost here!! :)

Enjoy your Monday friends!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Oh Hey/Confessional Friday!

Holy moly, how the heck is it already the last Friday of June?  I haven't done much this month and it feels like it is flying by.  I'm in a funky place where I wish time would speed up, because hello I'm going to Europe in 20 days.  But I also wish it would slow the heck down because the summer is flying by and I'm just not ready to go back to work yet.  Which I don't until August 17.  :)

Alrighty, so it's Friday and that means I'm sharing 5 things from the week.  This Friday though I'm changing things up just a tad because Leslie from A Blonde Ambition is finally back from her little hiatus!  And I am so glad because not only is she super stylish and sweet and her two girls are just the adorable, but she hosts a Friday Confessional link up that I have been missing!

SO I decided to mix up Oh Hey Friday and the Confessional Friday by telling you 5 confessions from my week. :)

Here we go:

[one] I confess that this week I've had 5 consecutive nights of terrible sleep.  See my parents live in West Texas.  So that means its hot as hell, but its dry heat.  SO....they don't have centralized air conditioning.  Instead we have what is called a swamp cooler.  Meaning that while it does blow cold air and keeps the house cool it doesn't keep it as cool as my AC does back in Houston.  Long story short it's HOT in my room.  Plus my room faces the direction that the sun rises so that means that it's hot starting at like 8 in the morning.  Not ideal for sleeping.

[two]  I confess that I'm dreading leaving my two fur babies for the month of July.  I'm leaving them here at my parents house since I'll be traveling so much.  And it is going to be so hard not seeing them everyday and cuddling with them at night.  Sadie is especially having a rough time.  She is not at all happy unless I'm in the house.  She won't come out of my room unless I'm home.  Brady on the other hand is having the time of his life and probably won't even notice I'm gone.

I took this a few weeks after I got Brady.  I think it's hilarious and look how tiny he is!  He def doesn't look like that anymore! Clearly they love each other.

[three] I confess that this week has been very uneventful.  I literally didn't leave the house at all on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Which explains my lack of Instagram activity this week.  And the lack of pictures in the this post!

[four] I confess this made me LOL for like 5 minutes......

And this one made me think..."YEP, STRONGEST MIND EVER"

[five] I confess I'm SUPER excited because my best friend Jordan will be coming to visit next week!  Her sweet fiancĂ© surprised her with the trip down to Texas.  I got to tell her the good news yesterday night via FaceTime (Isn't technology just fantastic!)  We thought we wouldn't be seeing each other until her wedding in October. So this is a real treat for both of us! :)

These were taken 2 years ago and I love them. Epcot is the BEST place to take pictures.

Yay! That was fun.  

So, this weekend my hair will be getting a much MUCH needed cut and color.  I cannot wait to have some of the weight taken off since it's been so dang hot.  I'm also going to a pageant to support a family friend's daughter.  It should be fun!  Can't wait to see all the pretty dresses! 

Hope y'all have a fabulous Friday and a terrific weekend! :) 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Owning It [Vol. 2]

I had a completely different post planned for today.  But when I realized it was the last Thursday of the month (I'm sorry what?!) I knew I had to link up with Christina for her Own It Link up, just like I did in this post.


I've been home for the last week and half and my bedroom still looks exactly like it did when I lived here full time.  Which was my senior year of high school.  I have so many little nicknacks/memories in this room it's erie.  I'm not sure why my mom hasn't gotten rid of everything in here yet.

Since Monday night I'm had this weird rash/rough patchy weirdness on my cheeks. It was red and itchy Monday night but has since just been rough.  No idea what it is.  I've washed my face and put massive amounts of lotion on it and it still won't go away.  (If I was really owning it, I would have taken a picture of it when it was all red and splotchy.  But I'm not that brave.)

I hate buying things online.  You would think I would love it because I'm super lazy and hate leaving the house.  But I just can't bring myself to buy online.  Especially clothes. I have to be able to try them on and I'm nervous that my CC will get stolen or something.  I like to browse online but very rarely will I actually buy online.

The only thing I'm nervous about when it comes to Europe, is that the clothes I bring won't be cute enough.  I know I know...that sounds totally weird and that I'm gonna be doing a ton of walking so  comfort should be my main concern.   Nut seriously I want to look super cute while strolling the streets of all these European cities and I'm afraid that all the outfits I have planned to bring are just not going to do it for me.  I also want my pictures to look amazing and I'm nervous that they're going to be awful.

Blogging confession:  I sometimes get upset when I don't have comments on my posts.  I don't blog for the comments, I blog because it's something I genuinely enjoy doing (otherwise I wouldn't have been doing it since late 2010).  But I dunno there is just something about getting comments that makes blogging so much more fun...doesn't it?  It means that people are reading your stuff and enjoying what they read and feel compelled to let you know that.  Now it's not like I'm crying or anything when a post doesn't get a comment, but it is always at the back of  my mind.

I can't have bare fingernails or toenails anymore. I've had my nails polished for so long now that I can't stand the look of my fingers/toes without it. Plus I find it very therapeutic to sit and give myself a mani/pedi...even though I would prefer to pay someone else to do.  But I'm not a Rockefeller so I do it myself.

When I'm home I never call up people from high school to hang out.  Yeah I'm friends with my high school friends on Facebook but I really have no desire to hangout with anyone from then. (Except for my best friend in the entire world Ashley.)  Which is weird because I had a great high school experience.  But desire at all.

My friend Jordan and I have each other in our phones as Bellatrix Lestrange and Hermione Granger.  Respectively.  Sometimes I forget that and will look for the name Jordan and then remember I should be looking for Bellatrix.  #harrypotternerd

If I really like a book I can read the whole thing in one day.  I actually did that yesterday.

I could watch episodes of Friends (in the picture above I'm stepping into the Animal Kingdom map a a la Joey Tribiani) , Sex and the City, The Office, and Law&Order SVU over and over and over again.  In fact, as I type this I'm watching both Sex and the City AND Law&Order.  I have a problem.


Alrighty, that's about it for today friends!  Now to get my day started since I've literally not left my house since Monday.

Can't wait to read some of the other Owning it posts! :)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

EuroTrip 2015: The Hotels

One of my favorite parts of traveling is getting to stay in a hotel.  Besides officially being at your destination it's the only thing that signifies that you're  in a new city.  I've had the opportunity to stay in all kinds of hotel rooms.  Big ones like at Disney World and small ones like in New Orleans.  I just love exploring the room and finding all the little things that make each one unique.  And there is nothing like coming back to your hotel room after long day of exploring and being on your feet all day.

Because of my love for hotels, one of the things I was most excited to find out and research was which hotels we would be staying on our trip with Go Ahead Tours.  We received all our hotel information on June 17th, which was the official one month mark until the trip.  I wasted no time at all logging onto the website and Googling the hotels.

Y'all, I am SO EXCITED to see these babies in person.  I know that the rooms won't be super large like they are here in the States.  At least that's what I've been reading on the various travel blogs I've been scouring since we decided to go on the trip.  But it doesn't hurt to come home to a nice, clean, and comfy hotel after we've been touring all day.  Which is hopefully what we will be experiencing during our trip.

So here are the hotels we'll be staying at during our 14 day adventure.  All the hotels will come with breakfast in the morning and WiFi (which is good for staying in touch with friends and family back home).  I'll obviously be able to give a more detailed review of each place once we come back but like I said, they look pretty promising from the pictures and reviews I've seen/read!

Quick disclaimer: None of the pictures are mine, I found them all either via Google or on the hotel's website.

London- H10 Waterloo Hotel
This hotel looks to be very modern.  It has a few rooftop terraces that are available to all guest and give you AH-MAZING views of the city.  Apparently you can even see the London Eye and Houses of Parliament/Big Ben from the hotel.

Paris - Pullman Montparnasse
Another very modern looking hotel both inside and out.  There are 3 of us traveling together and we will actually have 2 separate rooms in Paris and in Amsterdam.  Lets just hope one of those separate rooms is mine! :)  From what the website says we could potentially have a view of the Eiffel Tower.  Um ok!

Amsterdam- Eden Rembrandt Square
I couldn't find a full length picture of this hotel, so I'll make it a point to try and get one when I'm there.  But it's located on a very narrow looking street.  And looks like it could have been apartments or something back in the day.  This is a very modern looking hotel on the inside and very old on the outside.

Mannheim - Leonardo Royal Hotel Mannheim
We'll be spending the day in Heidelberg but will be traveling to Mannheim, Germany to spend the night.  Which is A-Ok with me since that means we'll get to see more of Germany.  This hotel sort of looks like a prison on the outside I think, but once you get inside it's another very modern looking hotel.  So far all the hotels have a very modern feel to them.    I'm gonna make it a point to take pictures of things around the hotel because this is another one that you can't really tell what's around it.

Lucerne - Hotel Flora
Now this is a hotel that I'm excited for because of what you can see around it.  According to the website and pictures, the hotel is located close to the water and has breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. Once again the hotel isn't much to write home about on the outside but the inside looks modern and new on the inside.

Lenno (CO) Italy - Albergo Lenna
Italy!  Please note that from here on out the modern feel is thrown completely out the window.  The hotels we'll be staying at in Italy are very traditional and well for lake of a better word freaking GORGEOUS!! We're only at the hotel on Lake Como for one night but just look at this.  And the inside is just as pretty as the outside too. Let's just hope we have a balcony so we can enjoy the views of either the lake or the Swiss Alps.

Venice - Hotel Quattro Fontane
THIS HOTEL!!!  Oh my gosh.  I am totally IN LOVE with this hotel.  I mean look at it.  It looks more like an Italian cottage then it does a hotel.  And the inside is full of gorgeous antiques. I know this is going to be super tiny on the inside but I don't even care.  Talk about picturesque.

Rome - Hotel Ponte Sisto
Last but certainly not least....Rome.  Once again I couldn't find a full length picture of this hotel.  But I did find some roof top terrace pictures of it.  See that dome in the background, yeah that's the Sistine Chapel.  It's totally visible from the roof. According to the website this hotel is just a few blocks from The Vatican and just around the corner from the one of the oldest bridges in Rome, the Ponte Sisto bridge.

Lets just hope I can take pictures as good as these of the hotel! :)

Like I've already mentioned all the hotels come with Free WiFi and breakfast in the morning.  The early hotels are gonna be super modern and the later hotels seem to be a little more "European" I guess is the word.

Having our hotel information definitely makes the trip seem more real.  I mean I know it's real because I've paid for it but actually seeing where I'm going to be laying my head down at night makes it like really real!

So now I have a question for those of you that have travelled abroad.  What are some tips you have for staying in hotels in Europe?  Is there anything I should be sure to bring or anything I can leave at home?

Help a girl out! :)

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