Thursday, August 21, 2014

The New Kid

Well it's Wednesday, which means I totally failed on my whole, " I'm gonna blog on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays" statement from Friday.  But y'all I have been like the freaking Energizer Bunny since I got to Houston last Sunday.  It's seriously been go go go go GO.

When I wasn't at work I was driving all over the city with my new roomie looking for furniture to put in our super strangely shaped new house AND for my bedroom. computer is acting like a total weirdo and I'm NOT happy about it.  One minute the screen is zooming in and out, the next my mouse won't let me move it where I want it to move, then the mouse freezes and starts giving me definitions of the word that its hovering over at the moment it decides to freeze.  

All of these things combined have made it pretty difficult to sit down and write.  But I'm powering through to give you a few of my thoughts on being "the new kid."


I've been the "new kid" three times in my entire life.  The first was when I first moved to Florida to work for Disney.  As one of the interns we were the new "babies" of Guest Relations.  Then last year I was the one the new teachers at East River.  And now I'm once again one of the new teachers at my new school.  

For some reason I'm more aware of being the "new kid"  this year than I ever have been before.  And here are the reasons why:

1. Even though this is my second year teaching I feel like I'm starting my first year.  Mostly this is because that is the way my new fellow teachers are treating me.  I appreciate all their advice but this isn't my first rodeo kids.  Yes I'm still learning and I may not know my way around this new school yet, but I do know my way around classroom management and that I need to start off strict and ease up as the year progresses.  

2. I constantly find myself saying "Well in Florida.....they do it like this."  I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing it but come on people its all I know.  

3. When I've made suggestion I don't think my team is really listening.  That's not to say I don't absolutely adore my new team members because I do. It's just that they have been teaching together for the last 3 years so they are pretty in sync with each other.  I don't get a lot of their inside jokes and things like that.  This will go away with time...but the feelings are still there.

4. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm overwhelmed yet.  I mean yes a tad if only because I'm at a new school....but I'm not at all overwhelmed with the whole teaching thing.  I may only have 1 year of experience but I learned a lot last year and I did a really good job.  I'm not at all worried about that part.

5. I keep getting told to take it easy and just focus on teaching this year.  Fact is I was the JV cheer coach during my first year and yeah it was a little tough because I had to be out till midnight on Thursdays and up at 5 the next morning. But I LOVED doing something other than teaching and I will be fine if I decide to coach cheer, or sponsor a club, or whatever else I may want to do to get involved.

The point is while I may be the "new kid" at my new school, I'm not a new teacher.  Even if you only have 1 year of experience, it's still 1 year of experience.  And that means something.

This post wasn't meant to be so poor pitiful me.  I promise, I'm beyond excited to be starting a brand new school year.  I especially can't wait to show off my completed classroom with you.  I love how it has turned out.  But that is for another post!  

Friday, August 15, 2014

Confessional Friday: Back to School

Monday saw me back to school.  And I say school because I had to attend a full week of professional development.  And in celebration of the beginning of a new school year I'm dedicating this weeks "Confessional Friday"  with the lovely Caroline to the end of summer and the beginning of a brand me year!

So here we go!

I confess that the summer went by way too fast but I'm glad it's over.  It's seriously like I blinked and I was back at school. Today is the first time I'll be seeing my classroom, which is pretty exciting!  I can't wait to share it with y'all!  But this was a very transitional summer and I'm excited to get everything in order here in Houston.

I confess my room looks like I am a heroin/crack addict.  I have zero furniture in my room.  Everything is still in bags/boxes and I'm currently sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor with shark sheets.

I confess I've kinda sucked at this whole blogging thing since I got to Houston.  I've been at work from around 7am till 5pm everyday and then we've been running around trying to get the house together.  So I've work out a schedule that I think will work.  I've decided to post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

I confess teachers make the worst students.  My new district is big on professional development which is fantastic when it's brand new information, but not so much when I've heard the information about 20 times already.

I confess I went to a teacher supply store did some damage.  I would done more, but I haven't had a paycheck in two months.  thank god that changes at the end of the month.

I confess I'm excited to meet my new 8th graders and get this party started.  By party I mean all the great lessons my new team shared with me during our planning day on Tuesday.

I confess I'm pretty stinkin happy with the way this new chapter in the book called "Life" has started. Lets just hope the rest of the chapters are just as good.

(Yes I realize I'm taking a selfie and driving in this picture but I just really like it! Totally don't do this often. Promise! :) )

Hope y'all had a great week and even better weekend!

It's furniture shopping for me this weekend! :) Quick note.....I cannot WAIT to show y'all my room and the rest of the house when its all done!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Confessional Friday

So yesterday night as I was starting to type this post, I realized that this was my last official week of vacation.  NOOO!!!! Summer where did you gooooo!!!!  I officially start work on Monday in Houston. TX!

I know come Sunday, I'm gonna have those "First Day of School" jitters.  Which I will then have again for the rest of the Mondays in August since the following Monday is my first day at my new school and then the Monday after that is the first day of school with students.  So there's that!

Now the last couple Friday's I've loved linking up with Leslie for her Confessional Friday and today is no different. 

I confess that I'm a little nervous to start all over at a brand me school.  I had a pretty sweet set up last year in Florida and it's gonna be pretty tough to find a better team than the team I had at ERHS.  I miss them dearly.

I confess I gave in and purchased an Erin Condren planner for the new school year.  I am super excited!  But am a little bummed because the expected ship date isn't until August 27th, which means I wont be getting it until the first of September sometime.

Obviously mine will say my name and not "The Williams".  I don't know who they are.

I confess I have dubbed this the "summer of the ponytail". I'm not a big fan of how my hair look pulled back.  But this has been a super lazy summer for me hair/makeup wise and I just cannot be bothered to actually fix it.  It also doesn't help that I am very frustrated with my hair lately.  I just don't like the way it's falling when I actually fix it.

I confess I'm super excited to re-decorate my room and new house.  When I moved back to Texas I literally sold ALL my furniture.  I literally have zero things to put in my room.  For the rest of the month I'm gonna be sleeping on the floor on a twin mattress with shark sheets. I wish I had a picture to show you but sadly I do not.  My Pinterest has been blowing up with ideas though and I'm super excited to buy new stuff.

I confess I am still incredibly ecstatic that my Instagram picture is going to appear in the September issue of Cosmo.  Here's the picture again in case you need reminder! I can't stop smiling about it, nor can I stop telling people.  People are probably super annoyed with me because I bring it up so much. 

I double checked this girl actually worked for Cosmo via her Instagram and Google just to be on the safe side.  Don't worry it's 100% legit! :)

I confess I have a HUGE secret that I am absolutely DYING to share with every single person I know.  I have to keep it a secret just a little bit longer though and then I will be shouting it from the roof tops.  It is such good news I'm about to burst sitting here typing this. I'm off to spend the rest of the day watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix with my best friend.  It's my last Friday to be uber lazy so I'm gonna take full advantage!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

True Life: I'm a Published Photographer Thanks to Cosmo

At the beginning of July my Mom and I drove from Florida to Texas.  We broke the drive up into 3 parts.  First we drove from Orlando to Destin, then Destin to Houston, and finally Houston to El Paso. 

Now obviously being the car for that long requires multiple diversions.  Because you can only look at the scenery for so long.  I have a Nook HD which is super convenient because it holds all of my books, magazines, I can get on the internet with a WiFi connection, I can watch movies, etc.  Basically its a mini-tablet.  And I love it.  

One of the best parts is the magazines.  I'm a Cosmo reader and Nook offers a fantastic option as far as a Cosmo subscription goes.  I pay $1.99 a month and the magazine automatically downloads to my Nook.  It's pretty awesome.  

So as we were on our last part of the drive from Houston to El Paso my Nook had downloaded the August issue of the magazine.  And I thought PERFECT!  Gives me something to do as we drive through the Texas desert.

As I was flipping through the magazine I came up on the section that showcases Instagram pictures of places and ways that Cosmo readers read the magazine.  You just have to tag @Cosmopolitan and #MyCosmo in your picture and then they choose 4 pictures to appear in the next issue.  So I thought hey I'm driving across Texas AND reading the magazine via a tablet..obviously they'll pick my picture....I'm gonna go for it! 

It took me a few shots to get the picture just right because the lighting in the car at that point SUCKED but I finally manipulated it enough (thank you Instagram) to where I was happy with it.  This was the end result.

The caption on the picture was:
Thank you @Cosmopolitan for keeping me entertained as we drive across Texas, I don't know what I would do without you. #MyCosmo #kathleencrosscountry #8hourdrive

Picture posted, I moved on and basically forgot I had posted the picture.......until yesterday!  

I glanced at my phone and saw I had a new comment on one of my pictures....opened up Instagram and saw the comment was on my Cosmo picture.  



Sorry for yelling but I am beyond excited!  An editorial assistant with Cosmo let me know.  AND I'm going to get $50 because they're using my picture!  It's seriously one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me!

Thanks Cosmo for picking my picture!! :)  

And be sure to pick up the September issue of Cosmo and you can say you read the blog of a published photographer!! :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Week of Grown Up Activities

Last week was a whirl-wind of what I like to call "Grown Up" activities.  I may be 26 and have a legitimate job and have benefits and all that jazz but I still don't feel really "grown up".

(And NO I'm not talking about THOSE kind of grown up activities people!  Get your minds out of the's Monday!)

I think the best example of what I mean by this is when I was in Lubbock a few weeks ago since my grandmother was in the hospital and the doctor came in while my parents were out running an errand.  He started talking all medically (not a word but is now) and my eyes kinda glazed over and I had to ask him to tell me all that information again so I could pass it on to the "real grown ups." He chuckled at that and nodded and said "Oh right".

Anyway, point is, I don't always feel like a real grown up.  I sometimes feel like I'm just pretending and that at any moment I'm gonna snap out of it and like be living at home or something.

So what were some of "Grown Up" actives from the week you ask?

1. Drove across the state of Texas solo.  Now I did this several times in college.  But it's been 3 years since college, so its been awhile.  And before the summer is over I'll have done it 4 times.  Two of which were on my own.  You're probably thinking "drive across Texas....big deal!" But y'all, I don;t know if you know this, but Texas is HUGE! It took me 10-11 hours to drive.  It was NOT fantastic.

Take right before I started my first 11 hour trek across the great state of Texas.  No idea why I'm smiling at that prospect!

2. Signed my contract for my new school in Houston.  I finally was able to announce to all my friends and family that I got a job in Houston.  I wanted to wait till I had officially signed everything and it was officially official before I told anyone other than immediate family and friends.  I also signed up for all my benefits so come September 1st I'm fully insured once again.  If that's not grown up I don't know what else is!

3. Moved into my new house.  This experience seriously deserves a post all its own because it was a nightmare! A few things went wrong in terms of moving into the house but I think I'll save that for later in the week.

This is also the reason I wasn't able to post anything last week because we are without internet and cable until August 9th.  Luckily I'm not officially heading back till the 10th. So thankfully I'll miss that. #firstworldproblems  But all in all I LOVE the house and am super excited to show it to y'all when we get it all fixed up.

4. Hung out with my best friend from college and her family.  Now why would this be considered a grown up activity?  Well because my best friend, Monica, is probably the most grown up person I know.  She has a kick ass job, owns her home, and has a loving husband and ADORABLE new baby girl.  Who I am totally obsessed with.  Monica is my first friend to have a baby and I love her to pieces.  Her name is Charley and she is one of the prettiest babies you will ever see.  Now I may be just the tiniest bit bias because she is my first niece by she's just gorgeous!  I am so glad I will be there to watch her grow up!

Look at those rolls.  I just love this little girl! 

See what I mean by Grown Up activities?  Fun and stressful and wonderful.  I guess that's what being a grown up is though.  A big mix of fun and stress all tossed together to hopefully make something thats wonderful!!  :)

And in a totally unrelated note to this post.  Sadie, my fur-baby, has been staying at my parents house while I've been getting things ready in Houston.  She's only a year and half old and loves to play.  My parents cats on the other hand are old ladies!  Especially Rosie, she's 18!  Anyway on Saturday I watched as Sadie tried to get Rosie to play with her.  It was the cutest thing.  Poor Sadie, Rosie was totally uninterested.

I fully intended to post the video but I can't figure out how.  I tried...and failed...womp womp.  But if you follow me on Instagram you can see it there! :)

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Have a great Monday! :)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

One Photo per Hour for One Whole Day

I am currently sitting on the back porch of my families cabin in the mountains in New Mexico.  The cabin has been in my mom's family for about.......well a long time.  I don't know how long exactly but at least since my mom was in high school.

It is definitely a perk having this thing.  Especially since the family all concurred that we needed Wi-Fi and cable. Not very rustic but who cares.  This is def my kind of "roughing it."

So today we are tasked with sharing one picture from every hour of our day.  I chose yesterday, because again something was actually happening and I had semi-interesting things to take pictures of...kind of....I think....I'll let you be the judge!


7:00am:  Woke up but immediately rolled over.  You don't want see my ugly mug in the morning.  It's not a pretty site.

8:00 am
First things first.  Cannot have a productive day without this stuff.  Plus I get a little headache if I don't have at least one cup of coffee in the morning.

9:00 am
I had yet to write my post for Friday (which you can read here) so I plopped down with my second cup and the TV on and got to writing.  I watched case you were wondering.  I wish I was a mutant.  It'd be pretty sweet to have some type of power.

10:00 am
Failed miserably early on and forgot to take a picture.  Plus I'm 90% sure I was actually IN the shower and this blog is rated PG (for language on occasion) so you don't get to see that!

11:00 am
Time to get my face ready for the day. This is my vanity in my childhood home. Thus why you see a strange assortment of objects, such as the Lucky Carebear, Winnie-the-Pooh and I think that's Donald.  Oh and that weird purple ball.  Strange I know.

12:00 pm
By noon I'm ready to hit the road.  Its about a 2 and a half hour drive from El Paso to Ruidoso.  It's just an overnight trip so I didn't need much.  I'm heading home late this evening.  I actually forgot my toiletries bag so I may be looking at a brushing my teeth with my finger situation.  womp womb.

1:00 pm
So I don't know if you're aware of this but anytime you leave El Paso, you MUST stop at an inspection station.  It's the US Border Patrol and they are there to make sure no one illegal is trying to get deeper into the states.  They also catch people who are trying to deal drugs.  (Willie Nelson got caught like 2 years ago on his tour bus at one of these babies).

Anyway they stop you then ask if everyone in the car is an American citizen, you say yes, then you're on sent on your way.

Unless they have a drug dog and said drug dog leaps toward your car, then they ask you to pull over, step out and proceed to check your car for drugs via the dog.  That happened to me on my drive from Texas to Florida 3 years ago.

This time I just awkwardly called the agent ma'am, got embarrassed, mumbled an apology and drove off.  It was weird.

2:00 pm
By this time I'm in a small town just outside of Ruidoso and am annoyed.  Because said small town is the one and only place I've EVER gotten pulled over and given a speeding ticket. The cop was a ass and gave it to me on my 18th birthday.  (Ps. Yeah yeah I know....I shouldn't selfie and drive but it was needed to document the occasion.)  I HATE that town.

3:00 pm
Finally reached my destination!  I met my parents and Uncle at the horse races.  Which I'm not a huge fan of because I don;t really see the point of betting on a horse in hopes that it runs the fastest.  Plus I never win.  I mostly went for the company and so I wasn't sitting at home like a loser.  And because I really liked my outfit choice for the day! :)

4:00 pm
I told them to smile so I could use this for my blog.  Everyone cooperated save for my father.  Thanks Dad! This is your big internet debut and you look like I'm torturing you!  He never smiles in pictures so at least its an accurate representation.

5:00 pm
Around this time I found myself at my Grandad's second wife's house.  I haven't seen her in ages because I've been in Florida for the last 3 years.  One thing I noticed though was that she has zero pictures of our family in the main living room/kitchen.  The only place she has them is where my Grandad used to keep his clothes, so it was dubbed "his room".  This dresser is covered in pictures of the grandkids.  But anyway, I thought it was weird. She was my grandmother for 14 years!

6:00 pm
Oops! Failed again!

7:00 pm
Made to our cabin!! This is the view from the front porch!  I love this place.  It is solo peaceful and full of wonderful memories! I can't wait to bring my future family here.

8:00 pm
We had a BBQ dinner that was pretty darn tasty from this place.   I could probably eat Brisket and potato salad like 4 times a week if I could.  It's one of my favorites!

I didn't take anymore after 8 o'clock because the rest of the evening was spent in front of the TV.  Very fun and picture worthy. Oh wait...

Anywho...there ya have it.  Now I'm off to enjoy a day of shopping with my mama downtown.  They have the cutest little area with some tasty restaurants and shops.  One clothing shop in particular is my absolute favorite!! Can't wait to see what kind of goodies they have today! :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Confessional Friday

It's Friday!! We've made it through yet another week!  WOO HOO!  I'm particularly excited because
later today I'm heading up to our family cabin for a day/night of relaxation. Get out of this Texas heat for a little bit and into the cool mountain air!

Today I wanted to confess a few things so I decided to link up with Leslie for her Confessional Friday!

I confess that I only got fully dressed two days this whole week, Wednesday and Thursday.  It was a very lazy week for me. Probably the laziest I've had in the last 3 years!  It was obviously a documentable moment via Instagram. #lifeofateachersummeredition

Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: J Crew
Sandals: Old Navy
Purse and Watch: Francesca's Collections

I confess I have zero desire to drive all the way to Houston on Sunday because its a 12 hour drive.  But my school district finally got in touch with me and I have to go and sign all my paperwork for the new school year...YAY it's finally happening!

I confess going to the movies alone is one of my favorite "me time" activities.  I did it yesterday and loved every minute of it. I usually do it when there is a movie that I want to see but none of the people around me do.  Example: Dawn of Planet of the Apes.  It was good.  Kinda creepy but I enjoyed it!

I confess last night I made dinner for my brother last night and dropped the whole thing pan and all on the floor.  Yeah it's true.  The oven at my parents house has been broken for a while so my mom purchased what she calls her "easy bake oven".  Its kinda small and as I was sliding the hot pan out to take the foil off the pan it slide right out of the oven and shattered all over the floor.

I confess I'm super glad to be back to blogging regularly. But its been frustrating because I feel like a year ago I had started to establish myself pretty well and now it's like I'm starting from square one.

I confess I love the relationship my best friend and I have with our brothers.  See they're best friend and we're best friends.  It works out perfectly, especially since each of us have just a year separating us age wise.  Makes it easy to have sibling outings like this one!  We went to a AAA baseball game.
I confess I was VERY excited to see premier trailer for the 50 Shades of Grey movie! It was the first thing I did yesterday morning when I woke up.  I rolled over, grabbed my phone and proceeded to watch it twice.....and then about 4 more times throughout the day.  I might have even started re-reading the books. Oops.  I'm very intrigued to see the film translation to the very intimate book. hehe.

Here's the trailer in case you haven't had the pleasure just yet!

Have a great Friday!